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5 Day Fitness Challenge

What is your WHY?

It's True...

5 Days Is All It Takes!

Here's why people love The I Choose Fitness™ Challenge:

It's easy! We show them simple, small steps in exercise, nutrition and mindset to look and feel better.


For many, getting started on a path of regular exercise can be difficult. That's why it is so important to get off on the right foot!

The I Choose Fitness™ Challenge is a great way to start. Slow and steady is the key to getting started, developing new habits, and eliminating frustration and failure.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. When you register for the FREE Challenge, we'll help set you on the proper path for success. It's the easiest way to begin and your body will reward you with renewed energy and encouragement.


Like exercise, making changes to your diet and food intake can be a challenge for us all. Sadly, many of us saw our weight creep up during the pandemic.

So let's make a few simple changes and increase our awareness of how we are fueling our bodies. The I Choose Fitness™ Challenge will help provide that easy, first step to a healthier you.

So no matter if it's too many calories, not enough healthy calories, too much processed junk food, sugar, bad fats, or not enough wholesome, healthy, nourishing foods - your journey begins here!


What are the benefits of exercise and eating right if you don’t have a positive mindset? The answer - results will be temporary.

A negative mindset will slowly diminish the progress you’ve made. Excuses seep in and your motivation fades.

Being part of something bigger than yourself (like the I Choose Fitness™ Challenge!) can be part of your overall motivation and source for support and encouragement.

A positive mindset can set you up for long lasting, positive results in not only your exercise and nutritional decisions, but in every facet of your life.

What is Your Why?

So many reasons to join us

Each of us have our own unique reasons why we choose fitness. Motivation and encouragement can come in so many different ways. Ask 10 people and you're likely get 10 different reasons why...

I Choose Fitness Over________:

> Sitting around

> Feeling crummy

> More prescriptions and meds

> Making excuses

So, what's your 'why'? Come join us.

Finally! A Clear Simple Plan...

Be happier and healthier

In just 5 days, you will transfer from the path of uncertainty to the path leading you to a vibrant life of fun, fitness and friendships...

Day 1 – An Easy Way to Commit to Your Decision

Day 2 - Your Step-by-Step Plan

Day 3 - CHANGE IT UP! Move More Today

Day 4 - Swap 1 Unhealthy Choice for Healthy

Day 5 - Mindset – Gratitude Email to Self

And participating is 100% free. No cost. No obligation.


What to Expect...

I think we can all agree 2020 and early 2021 have been eventful, to say the least! One lesson that we've all learned is the fact that being healthy is really, really important.

Fitness means much more than just being physically fit. Overall fitness is exercise + nutrition + mindset. That should empower you to know that so much of being healthy is under your control.

And the first decision you can control is to take the easy, first step of joining friends, family and people everywhere in the I Choose Fitness™ Challenge.

Fitness = Exercise + Nutrition + Mindset

Sign up and start transforming your fitness in less than 5 days!

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